Master Life Coach Certification and Training Program

Master Life Coaching Certification

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Comprehensive self-paced life coach training and certification program.

The Master Life Coach Certification provides a complete life coaching training program and 3 done-for-you life coaching packages! 

  • Proven, step-by-step coaching packages and processes that you can use with your clients and already know exactly what to do and say during each session to help your clients achieve specific results and reach their goals. 
  • Short-cuts to knowledge of industry best practices, methodologies, and techniques that would take you months or even years of research and study and learn. (We’ve done the work, now you can benefit from it!)
  • Done-for-you forms, templates, questionnaires, agreements to give your business a jump start and save you time.
  • PLUS get certified as a coach in 3 high-demand coaching niches (happiness, life purpose, and goal setting/success), as well as receive the Master Coach Certification.
  • AND identify your tribe of ideal clients who you will love to work with and who pay you well! 

And, the best part is that you get access to EVERYTHING we have developed and created over a decade of learning, coaching and teaching. WE GIVE YOU EVERYTHING—the whole she-bang. Our blood, sweat and tears, our trials and errors, the money we put into training and development, the conferences and workshops we’ve attended, and even degrees in education and psychology—you benefit from ALL OF IT!

The Master program includes the Life Coaching Guide
and 3 niche coaching certifications

After completing all 4 courses in the program, you will receive your Master Life Coach Certification. You’ll also receive an individual certification for each of the niche certifications, as you complete them.

How The Program Works:

IN THIS SELF-PACED VIRTUAL TRAINING PROGRAM we will personally walk you through everything you need to know and do in order to jump start your life coaching business! 

  • Yes—that’s right—the courses are user-friendly and SELF-PACED, meaning you can complete them as fast or as slow as you want from the comfort of your own home (or Starbucks, or a neighbor’s house) and even in your pajamas! 
  • Our programs are video-based and available 24 hours a day FOR LIFE, so you can access them any time. Videos are also downloadable, so if your internet connection isn’t strong, you can play them right from your computer. 
  • Downloadable workbook materials are included that you can print out in order to complete the activities (which are the best part of the program). We also have professional workbooks available for personal use or to use with your clients. (Sample to the right) 
  • The material is engaging and funbecause we’re silly and like to have a good time! But, the videos can also be sped up if you want to take it all in and only have a short time to do it. 
  • Training from 2 Perspectives:Most lectures throughout the niche trainings are taught from 2 perspectives: the coach and the client. Lessons are marked " client" or "coach." The “client” videos are demonstrating how the material can be discussed with or presented to clients. The “coach” videos are providing training and tips as a coach for how to work with your clients regarding these topics. 
  • You get to join a community of like-minded coaching students to network and get feedback.
  • You can ask Joeel and Natalie questions about the course material through email or in the group forum.
  • You will receive an official certification  for each of the individual niche coaching certifications PLUS the Master Coach certification when you’ve completed all 4 courses. You’ll also receive the official logos for each, which you can use in your marketing material however you wish. 
  • You also receive a FREE listing in our coach directory once you’ve finished at least 1 of the niche certifications!
  • Oh, and the fact that you’ll benefit from Transformation Services, Inc’s strong reputation  in the coaching and personal development field, our psychology-based curriculums, and the proven, effective methodologies and techniques you’ll learn (which are the EXACT methods we’ve used for years)! 

The complete program takes approximately 40 hours to complete, including videos and activities.

We’re sure you can already see the
that we offer through our certification program…

But, if you consider that other coach certification programs cost THOUSANDSof dollars… take months (or years) to complete… aren’t as thorough… and often require continued membership payments to remain certified… then you can TRULY see the value!

We used to charge more than double for this exact same program when we used to conduct the training in person ($2,000+ plus travel and lodging).

Not to mention how much money, time and energy WE invested to gain mastery in these areas and how much time, money and headache this program will save you…

Ok, you get it—it's TOTAL WORTH IT.

You're right. But, it's even better than that.

The Master Coach course package also

Each of the niche coaching programs (happiness, life purpose, goal/success) comes with a “Sales Presentation Blueprint” marketing course! 
These courses give you a complete presentation templates (to use verbatim or customize) that are designed to share massive value with your audience, help them get to know you, and help make it easy to transition them into registering for your coaching or other programs. It takes the anxiety out of selling by giving you a proven method for putting yourself in front of your ideal clients and making them WANT to do business with you, 
without sounding or FEELING “salesy” at all!


The total cost you'll pay is only $797 (that's 40%off)!

Compared to purchasing each course individually ($1400 value)

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Master Life Coaching Certification includes these courses

Life Coaching: A Complete Guide (MEMBER)
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Life Purpose Coach Sales Presentation Blueprint (MEMBER)
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Life Purpose Coach Certification (MEMBER)
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Happiness Life Coach Certification (MEMBER)
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Goal Success Life Coach Certification (MEMBER)
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Goal Success Life Coach Sales Presentation Blueprint (MEMBER)
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