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Professional Life Coach Certification

Become a certified life coach & grow your life coaching business! Done-for-you forms, tools, processes & best practices. | taught by Joeel & Natalie Rivera
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  • Do you want to make a difference and make money doing it? 
  • Have you been dreaming of or considering becoming a life coach? 
  • Are you a life coach who wants to add to your toolbox?


Then we invite you to become a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL LIFE COACH

It’s a great time to become a life coach—life coaching is a $2 billion industry and one of the fastest growing industries in the world! Whether you are new to the life coaching field or you have been practicing for years this course is for you as it will take you from foundation materiel to advance techniques and strategies to help transform your clients life. 


The best thing about life coaching is that anyone can be a coach! You can coach clients on any topic that you love or any experience that you have, whether it’s to help them improve a skill, achieve their goals, find more meaning and purpose in life, overcome challenges, find true happiness, get healthy, feel more confident, advance their career, start a business, or any other way you feel inspired to help someone transform their lives!   


This course is designed to teach you everything you need to know to feel confident as a life coach, get your clients real results, and create a thriving life coaching business! You’ll receive:

  • Life coaching industry best practices 
  • Professional life coaching skills and techniques
  • Done-for-you templates, worksheets, and questionnaires


You’ll develop a strong foundation of understanding of how to be an effective coach, including:

  • Overcoming your own biases as a life coach
  • Establishing healthy boundaries and expectations


You’ll develop strong communication skills, including powerful listening skills and vital questioning skills that will allow you to help clients develop a better understanding of themselves.   


You’ll learn core life coaching tools, including goal setting exercises and accountability tips to help you empower your clients to follow through and achieve their goals.   


You’ll learn popular activities you can use with your clients, like the wheel of life, journaling, affirmations, as well as popular Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques.   


You’ll develop the mindset of success including developing your emotional intelligence, learning how to establish rapport with your clients, make sure you and your clients are approaching coaching with a growth mindset, and develop true confidence as a life coach.  


And then, you’ll dig deeper with in-depth life coaching processes processes designed to help you coach your clients to achieve specific outcomes. Processes we will cover include: 

  • Awareness
  • Mindfulness
  • Self-talk
  • Emotions
  • Beliefs
  • Decision making
  • Taking action
  • Overcoming fear
  • Creating change
  • Finding passion and purpose
  • Rewriting your life story


You’ll also receive a ton of done-for-you templates, intake forms, worksheet activities, and questionnaires.   


You’ll have the skills, tools, mindset, and processes to thrive as a life coach and make a difference in people’s lives. 


But, we want to make sure that your business thrives too! And, so the course also includes strategies for growing your coaching business, including:

  • Naming your offering
  • Structuring your coaching
  • Determining your value
  • Setting your price
  • Identifying your niche
  • Crafting a magnet message (elevator pitch)
  • Creating a life coaching package
  • Offering group coaching
  • Tips for what actually works when marketing your business!   



Course Contents

109 Videos
1 Text
67 PDFs
1 Download
12.0 hrs

Course Curriculum

Sheri ann Mclean

Positive experience thus far

Awesome experience thus far. Can wait for the rest of it

Catalina Baciu


Thank you for this, I love how you dive deep into human psychology! A ton of very useful information. I also appreciate the time you both have taken to put all this together! I would love to see a roleplay session!! Thank you again!

Robin Mott

A lot of good basic information for people beginning a career in Life Coaching. The presentation of the material was well done.

Sheri ann Mclean

Awesome experience thus far. Can wait for the rest of it

Catalina Baciu

Thank you for this, I love how you dive deep into human psychology! A ton of very useful information. I also appreciate the time you both have taken to put all this together! I would love to see a roleplay session!! Thank you again!

Robin Mott

A lot of good basic information for people beginning a career in Life Coaching. The presentation of the material was well done.

corinne caillat

Etosha Kemp


Antonia DeCuir

Camelia Naranjo

Shaquana Scott

I've received several Life Coaching certifications from different training programs. This was by far the best one! The content was extremely informational and I know that it is going to help me in my business.

Georgia Hinske-West

The Professional Life Coach Certification course is rewarding for both beginner and veteran coaches alike. Packed with valuable information. Thank you!!

Che Haughton

Magi Thomley Williams

Sally Simon

As a retired teacher, I was exploring the next steps in my life and stumbled upon this course. It ended up being exactly what I was looking for! I am looking forward to developing my plan to become a life coach and continuing to help others, jus...

Evelyn Shell

Tami Doling-Thatcher

So much more than I expected! I am a professional organizer with a bachelor's degree in organizational communication and this is the perfect course for me! Thank you so much! Referring to friends!

Lisa Perfetti

I really enjoyed listening and learning this about positive thinking and positive self-talk.

Jessica Sinclair

Lisa Berretta

Edmund Industan

As a PSR specialist, I am fired up. The basics are pretty similar to what I do as a PSR, but to hear it from your academy help me to believe in myself that I can be a coach, not only to those kids and teens with psychosocial issues, but also to ad...

Beatrice Hill

Great information!

Elizabeth Joy

This course is Excellent for beginner or advanced. So much content and information in vides and PDF's. Both Natalie and Joeel are very knowledgeable and passionate in what they present. I know this teaching will combine beautifully with my other h...

Angela Davis

Sandra Parker

Thank you for helping me see Fear in a different light. Great information

Dianna Pulver

Esay to understand and follow.

Mary Thompson

interesting subject

Nicki Freitas

Thank you so much for this course on Life Coaching. I really appreciate it! My Niche is to help parents in education and also how to manage their children at home. I have 23 years of teaching experience and I have been adding up th...

rebecca ning

Felicia Billups

Each module session presented ALOT of Great information. Speaking positive affirmations....Be careful not to horn in to comments from clients positively or negatively as it cause them to focus on that one thing. Awakening moments be sure to create...


Teela Alexander

The course was very detailed and effective

Carlai Moore

I love the setup and breakdown of this course. From the handouts to the videos the informational is informative and accompanied by very useful action steps. I work long 12 hour shifts and this course allowed me to work at my own pace and gain th...

Tamika Haynes

This course was an amazing eye opening course which helped me in so many ways personally. It has given me so many tools that I can apply to helping others. Thank you both so very much.

Erica Rose

I really enjoyed this course and learned so much! I appreciate the professionalism, enthusiasm and wisdom from both instructors. Thank YOU!

Bonnie Fastow

sometime I can print and other time it will not.

Ava Freeman

It was more detailed than I expected .I"ve been coaching clients (Life & Business for about 10+yrs . This showed me how to enhance my business in Life coaching .

Delita Johnson

Solid information!

Stacy Lafleur

I am truly glad I made the decision to take this course! It was AWESOME! I didn't expect so much information and definitely didn't expect it to hit home as much as it did. The information is very helpful and also allowed me to see opportunities...

Sarah Zink

I wasn't sure what to expect when I purchased the Master Life Coach certification; however, having finished part 1 of 4 (Professional Life Coach Certification), all I have to say is - WOW. The course, materials, videos and content far surpassed wh...

Paula Miller

Toni Anthony

All of the information provided in this section came off clear, appropriately and was absolutely necessary. A lot of mistakes that can be made by even the best of listeners were addressed and corrected in this section. I enjoyed this lesson and in...

Cindy Johnson

LaChelle Bynum

La Dawn Lafore

These two are great! I love how openly and down to earth they both are. I feel like I am in the same room with them. So far the course flows very nicely. Easy to follow and understand.

Melissa Shuck

Well done.

Karan Tumasz

I enjoyed this program and especially the worksheets included. As I transition to a different focus in my business this course was extremely helpful in helping me pinpoint how to do that simply and effectively.

T RAVEN Harris Pinkston

It sounds well thought out an put together

Lydia Kennebrew

LaTisha Perry

This course had so much information, I don’t think I took it all in . I enjoyed all aspects of this course and can’t wait to finish the others.

Von Jenious

AWESOME! As a psych major and an educator I was familiar with the techniques of active listening and reflective listening . They were explained well and examples given were helpful and increased understanding. I learned a lot from the session on ...

Von Jenious

Very informative and concise. Shared the importance of the Intake Session and how it introduces elements of the session including managing the business side, importance of a checklist that makes it easier to get the know the client and vice versa....

Aaron Mathews

Demetris Bernard

I've only just begun, but what I have appreciated thus far is how well each lesson is presented. Both of the presenters explain the lessons in such a way that they are easily understood. I have a certain amount of time each day that I dedicate t...

jeanene ruska

Brittany Dickerson

This course honestly exceeded my expectations. I loved how much physical material was provided for me to work through on my own in addition to documents provided to help prepare me for building my own brand! All of the videos were clear and concis...

Donna-Lee Bolden-Kerr

This course provides a practical introduction to the certification. I enjoyed learning about the industry in general and understanding how is fits into the framework of business practices today. I really enjoyed knowing that I can be a life coach ...

Karen Piggott

Very informative

Carmen Crespo

Stephanie Espinoza

The information offered by the course is incredibly helpful and is solidifying to what I am already practicing. The foundations course on self awareness is opening my eyes in new ways and offering validation on current practices.

Cherokee Fontenot

Sanjay Mullasseri

Good resources for all concepts

Lisa Augspurger

Denae Killebrew

Great material easy to follow! When I downloaded the paperwork it still had the circle not checked off. not sure if this has to be done at the end..

Neteshia Thomas

Chandi Bozeman

Stephanie Parker

This course is amazing because it helps you sort through all the reasons why you want to be a Professional Life Coach but also helps you sort through all the thoughts and emotions that have been swirling around in you and around you for years, or ...

Tamara Scott

This is my favorite module thus far! The best one yet! I really enjoyed it and took so many notes my hand started cramping! Great job!

Kelsey Waag

I have attended another Life Coach training, and this blew that out of the water by far in terms of educational material, practical steps, and the templates and worksheets included. I was EXCITED to sit down and take this training, and took over 1...

Keith Matthews

Alexandra Eganez

Mary McDowell

The life coach mastery initial program is great as it gives you the basics along with the tips and strategies like having clients visualize a having what is wanted. It takes you all the way through the process of gaining coaching skills, developin...

McKenzie Davis

This course offered so much valuable information in a easy to learn environment. I am so glad I found this course and decided to take it. I now will be able to use the information learned towards many different future endeavors. Thank you!!

Cyrese Sciandra

This course is by far the best I’ve seen, I have been looking for a course with templates to help with coaching and not just lectures and then we are on our own. This is a wonderful experience of learning. I wish to continue to grow with this Co...

carl lewis

This is a very good course and good material

Cathy Kegley

Covered many questions I had about the fundamentals and provided solid and usable worksheets.

Deborah Lee

Thank you for such great information I am blessed to have my Daughter refer this course to me I am presently a student in Bible College working on my Bachelor Degree. this is what I wanted to do for my clients.

Dionne Gibbs

keiko chibana-shinn

Loved this material! Such a wealth of knowledge I have gained through this course. I just completed my Masters in Clinical Mental Health and I find this material so useful! In each section I have gained additional effective tools for my profession...

Davine Snead

Carmen Sullemun

I really like the activities associated with the lesson. The questions aide me to reflect back to the prior lessons on belief systems. I realized how my belief about truth is a strong point in my purpose and passion.

Brandy Bennett

I'm so happy that I have better knowledge with the things taught to me in this part of the training. Thank you so much I can't wait to complete this entire training coarse. I'm so excited!!!

Jennifer Zwinck

great questions!

Addie Hention

What stands out the most is the importance of not presenting myself as better than my clients. I must learn to listen effectively. I must also know the difference between empathy and sympathy and when to apply them.

Trish Swanson

Thank you, very well done! I really enjoyed the course, full of valuable learnings and guidance. 5 stars

Tosha Anderson

This was informative, plenty of useful activities. Some of the sound wasn't good but it was still good material.

Tiodolo Delagarza III

this was educational and informative.. Very very helpful to know how to engage from a coaching approach .

Tracy Kelly

The course is very informative and provided lots of helpful best practice recommendations. The course challenges you to give thought to your own self in terms of identifying your niche, your target audience as well as great advice for those who a...

Delia Butler

The information provided in this training was awesome! Everything was clear and I was able to grasp and understand the content given.

Tina Biebl

I am so glad I found Transformation Academy. This is by far one of the best courses I have ever taken. I personally have applied some of the techniques taught and have found great value in them. Forgiveness, living in the present, overcoming fear ...

Lisa Maggrah

This is a wonderful course full of great resources to help you ensure success

Angelia Richardson

These focus questions are very helpful. All insightful information, once again, so glad I signed up. I'll feel more confident moving forward with clients.

Brenna Taylor

This course was extremely informative! I especially appreciate receiving information on the business side of coaching.

Petra Sliwiak

Great info for getting started and becoming more aware of my own conditioning. helpful with understanding the difference between sympathy and empathy.

Sonya Usher

I found professional life coach course to be a wealth of information, inspirational and professional.

Melanie Marsolais

Excellent content for beginning coaching as a career! Thank You.

Katherine Sutton

Totally love the course and content. I feel it will be very helpful and instrumental in my goals of coaching and just in business/life in general. Thank you for providing such great courses at a great price.

Deb Magerr

It was very heavy. I think this was a very important topic to discuss, cause if I was not informed as to how to go about it, I would have felt lost. Now I will be prepared if someone is talking about suicide or hurting someone. Thanks!

Lori Sigrist


Sharon Cole

I have taken another Coaching certification program, and this program is by far a much better and more complete program. Absolutely love all the information given and the downloads that will help me in my new venture.

Latunia Davis

In this course I had to also examine myself and a lot of the things that you were saying and teaching it made me stop and pause. The course is very excellent. I wanted to say thank you for this course I am going to continue on learning the rest as...

Louise Ragin

Useful information Extensive and relevant Very profession Comprehensive, useful Engaging curriculum

Will Lane

This training was both informative and empowering. I’m grateful for the opportunity to sharpen my skills with the Transformation Academy. I know I have a call on my life to impact and empower others. I’m seeing it now with clients and am expecting...

priscillia duval

so smooth

Anna Parise

Kristen McKeag

I was shocked at the amount of I formation covered in this course. You answered every question I had - and many I didn't even know I had! I learned so much! Thank you!

marcellus cherry

Love the course so much teach a lot of stufff

Yvonne Holland

I'm getting into it. This has certainly awakened within a variety of things I hadn't considered when thinking of becoming a life coach. Tips and strategies shared totally make sense, though.

Jeanine Bomar

Good overview of Life Coaching and how to use this program!

Trinette Smith

This course was great. I belive in Affirmations. I had starting writing them, then I got away from them, but now I am back on track and being a Life Coach is what I love to do. I love helping and talking to people and it helps me as well.

Nonie Rispin

After completing this section I could not be more excited to continue with this course. I am so glad I found this. It is exactly what I was looking for.


Donna Morgan

I thoroughly enjoyed taking this course. The detailed information showed how much hard work you out into creating an educational program that your students can be proud to say they learned so much from.

Christina Lawless

I got so much out of this course. I wasn't very sure how life coaching worked when I first started doing this course and now I have a much better idea and I feel so much more prepared to begin my journey as a life coach.

Barbara Jones

I thought it would have been ideal to include a little more about stories (not too detailed) about some of the challenges that a life coach would face with clients. Though it may seem uncommon, but it really isn't. This would help us newbies kno...

Randy Scaggs

This introduction provides a full understanding of the expectations that a student should have for this certification. It is truly a solid foundation.

Rochelle Rondon

It was a life experience in itself learning this new role. I am excited to be part of the team and journey. You need to experience this for yourself.

Chinyere Nnodim-Jack

I am enjoying the course work! Each section of the program is uplifting and encouraging....

Jennifer McGregor

This course was great! So informative, easy to follow, and the instructors were great! Highly recommend!

Wanda Johnson

I have taken another certification course in the past that was a waste of time and money in comparison! This course exceeded my expectations. It provided so many useful tools for my life and business.

Chastity Sonier

The entire course was very informative and enlighten. I am looking forward to starting the next course tomorrow.

Michael Kopans

I absolutely love this section! The questions are fantastic and to me the meat of becoming a great coach, I'd imagine!

Erica Jackson

This introduction has given me a great start and I can't wait to dive in towards my journey to Coaching!

Regina Ellerbeck

Annette West

Superb. All units were clearly articulated. Enjoyed the back and forth flow between the presenters. Content presented is detailed, informative yet presented in such a way as to no overload occurred.

Carlos Manzanedo

Great beginning, thanks!

Consuela Trammell

Donna Jackson

Thank you! This section was informative and developed in a way that was easy to follow and understand. I had a wonderful time and it was an eye-opening experience.

Robert Yaphayahu

This was very informative. I love the example questions can't wait to use them in my coaching sessions and try them with family and friends.

Suzanne Cipriano

Over my business career I have attended a lot of training seminars and courses and I found this to be one of the best. Joeel and Natalie are very likeable and it was a joy to watch the videos. Thank you! I can't wait to get on with the next course!

Raquel da Silva

Shailesh Thakkar

Ronald Fulford

Really liked the intro videos and also how to develop mentoring and being an effective Life coach! Really looking forward to seeing what the rest of the course has in store

Douglas Jackson

Information is insightful and very helpful. Very important information was shared.

Esther Brant

This was a very in-depth coarse. A lot of excellent information. stress free. I learn many ideas to step out and start my coaching business. However, the "mind-set' is something I am still working out because a part of me is still a little afraid ...

Angela Hoistion

This was amazing! I was not sure what to expect when I began - would I actually learn something or am I just paying for the certificate? WOW--I definitely learned so much about coaching, about myself, and about options. There is so much great ...

Lourdes Blake

Very clear and specific Great examples


Very detailed Very easy to understand Both presenters are good presenters. Anchoring is pretty cool

Kay Macklin

Angel Moss

This was a very refreshing course. I recently graduated with a B.A. in Business Administration (emphasis in Marketing) and a Minor in Psychology. I am also pursing a Master's Degree in Business Administration (emphasis Marketing) and a Master's D...

Gary Fearn

Claudia Carrillo

I am loving every single video, all the forms and all the tools provided in this course. It is like having my personal coach at the tip of my finger at any given time and not having to wait for a coaching call or a group call to move forward. It i...

Ash McEuen

I appreciate the course. I am a United Methodist pastor who works a lot with immigrants and see the need for guides along the way (I know, I need to look into the outside funding to make this successful... jajaja). Many things you talked about w...

Morgan Carey

I enjoyed every video and I really appreciate the documents that are included. I find that it is very helpful to complete these assignments myself as they will help me with serving my clients better. Thank you for a great class.

Tameka Williams

Rhonda Thornton

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Zareta Ricks

Vernon Scott

Sabra Roe

Kristi Richard

I was extremely impressed by the quality of information contained in this program. With a background in behavioral health, I found the courses to be astute but delivered in a way to make them relevant in a coaching setting versus a therapeutic or...

DeShun Parker

This course is a great foundation with in depth information.

Nathaniel Vargas

Fatsani Dogani

Catherine Williams

I absolutely enjoyed taking the Professional Life Coach Certification course. You provide a lot of helpful information and templates to become a successful life coach. I love the Heart Model, Anchoring, the Emotional Identification Chart and etc.

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Rebekah Spears

Very enlightening. There is one video that has a very bad echo. Very bothersome to listen to it. But I got through it. The lesson was very good and yes, very helpful.

Lionel Esclovon-Dexter

I thougth that this course about emnpowerment and the relationship with you and the client was very hjelpful . especially rhe part about how and why to set appropriate bou daries

ruth bradford

The text was clear and very well organized. Each presenter spoke in plain everyday language

Christine Tatum

Carolina Paredes

I am really enjoying the videos and the way in which both speakers, instructors present themselves and the information. I appreciate how practical the curriculum is so far, and how down to earth it is. I've taken many courses and have a few certif...

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I have really enjoyed the extensive material provided. The delivery is effective- comprehensive, well-presented, just the right length. A great balance of informative and practical advice. Love this course!

Chika Offokansi

Jennifer Bailey

This Introduction to Life Coaching was very informative and solidified my decision to move forward with the certification. I am super excited to start the program and create my Life Coaching business.

Laura Tuttle

Great Course. Love the format, PDFs and content! Laura Tuttle

Jen Williamson

I was blown away buy the quality of this course. I am truly grateful!!!

Rosemarie Walker

I am enjoying the program, it is helping me to see I have been coaching people for a long time. The presenters are good and the material is very easy to read and follow

Patricia Forestal-Ortiz

I took this course to better understand how to help my future clients be their best, it turned out that I learned how to be my BEST!!! This is a lifestyle change. I have learned a new way of thinking and being. Thank you, PMFO

Linda Bryant

Rose McConnell

very informative

Solomon Chukwu

This was so appealing because it opened my eyes to many areas of myself I do not know about. Thanks for your sharing your knowledge.

David Thornton

A wonderful insight into the world of coaching and progressing toward a successful coaching business.

Brian Daniels

Just started today and this a very well thought out and informative program.

Tommy Morgan

Nicole Mayfield

Jennifer Duhaime-Baker

An amazing class to get started as a Life Coach.

Devore Jenkins

Lynn Rosa

I've taken all four courses and have learned so much. The information is amazing and helpful. Thank you.

Angela Cavallo

Norm Wiseman

It was insightful to understand, from your perspective the role of a life coach. I have been doing career coaching for 12 years and haven't stopped long enough to truly understand or be aware of my presuppositions. I am going to take some time to ...

LaTasha Benson

I learned so much and th tools on how to start life coach was informative.

Rhonda Heckard

The first section of this course, gives you a good background of what to expect in this course. Nice job.

Erica Gist

Very good foundational information! I never thought about passion in this aspect.

Shahane Toler

this video echoed however it still was clear thanks so much

Karen Williams

I learned a lot. There is a wealth of information. This course helped me to find out more about myself so that I may help others.

Welmae Chiasson

tracie sulpazo

Thank you so much for offering this class. I have been wanting to become a life coach for quite some time now and never knew where to start. You're discounted course came at just the right time, while I was furloughed because of covid-19 and I had...

Blessing Bassey

From the information I have gathered so far on the foundation course, the course is very informative and encouraging, it enable me to want to go on knowing fully well that I can use the same material I trained with to start my coaching. I was afra...

Jodi Jones

awesome course! Thank you

Jilly Martini

The videos are so very clear and concise which is necessary in understanding the content presented. All the content is EXTREMELY relavent in building a strong foundation in becoming a life coach. I previously went through a seven month certified ...

Jackill Tyson

The information in this course exceeded my expectation. I feel confident and well equipped to coach my students and to provided proper coaching to future clients. The reference material is great also. They are perfect. Thank you!

Nicole Smith

I decided to gain my professional life certification as I knew I had a purpose.- my niche is Emotional Intelligence (taking that course as well). This was more than what I expected! There are so many great tools and resources provided that will he...

Luna Carter

So much great information packed into a well organized program!!! so glad I took the certification.

Crystal Brooks

I’ve been looking for Life Coaching courses for a few years now and nothing really stuck out to me and didn’t seem to be a good fit. This popped up on my timeline and I must say THIS IS THE BEST COURSE!!! I’m so excited to complete the other cours...


I think these videos are very informative. could give you five stars but my video kept stopping.

Katrina Denise Braggs

I'm so focused on comprehension and completion I didn't want to stop for comments band ratings. However, I would be remissed if I didn't pause here and convey how pleasantly surprised was to hear a very different view on passion vs purpose. Like m...

Rita Harrison

The last video on Square Breathing mentioned the mindfulness meditation video, however, there was no such video in this section.

Tonya Rooker

Katrinia White

this course has not only taught me more about myself , it has also taught me how to use the skills and knowledge that has been instilled in me for 30years now. I can now apply my gift Thank you

Gina Franks

What a great course! It gave me the opportunity to not only fulfill learning about the education of coaching but very valuable information that I can apply to my own life.

Marcella Anderson

So far so good, I thank you for taking the time to go over NLP I did not quite understand but I do now. This is a great start. Its nice to be able to stop and start at my leisure. Thanks again

Mary Martinez

What am amazing program. Well laid out, easy to follow and implement. So many AHA moments during the lessons, and two wonderful narrators I actually was comfortable learning from. 5 stars for Transformation Academy Life Coaching Program. Look...

Christie Szpyrka

I have only completed the first module of the Complete Life Coaching Guide, and I am beyond impressed with the professional presentation of the program and the information being provided. I am very excited I found Transformation Academy and cannot...

Matthew Knott

I was not sure at first what to expect, but boy this course definately overflowed in value. Thank you and well done Joeel and Natalie, Matthew Knott.

Wanda Brown-Royall

This session was really powerful. As a graduate student in Human Services with a concentration in Mental Health and Multidisciplinary Studies, I found this session speaking to the core of my beliefs as a coach. I am not a licensed professional, ev...

Traci Amor

I am very pleased with this course and I am so excited to begin my journey. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to become a Life Coach.

Raynesha Woods

Angel Curtin

Thank you so much for this fantastic course and I’m excited to be on board for taking more! It’s really wonderful and I love that I can print out all the material to assist in my journey to assist others!! 💖

Lisa Coney-Fonville

Truly informative and thorough.

Melissa Fitzgerald

mary belanger

Kimberly Fallis

The Professional Life Coach Certification course was great we covered some very insightful information. OMG! and the tools and handouts are going to be soo beneficial to my clients and for my business.

Donna Broadwell

Great info. I loved the explanation about sympathy and empathy. It was explained in a way I could finally understand enough to express. Great info about listening and allowing the client to hear themselves by you being able to reflect their words ...

DeAndre Williams

I have been blessed with many leadership skills that I can now begin to use to help others in a deeper way. The information presented is organized, to the point, and encouraging. You won't be disappointed.

Madeleine (AKA Magdalena) Eid

Connie Green

Carolyn Mack

An abundance of coaching nuggets that are not only useful for the client but is certainly beneficial for the coach! These skills can be used by the coach for self-growth and production.

Denise Jones

This program was thorough and provided substance within each module. Also, it included handouts throughout the course. This was a great investment!

Mary Manigault

I haven't reach my goal yet. Will imply that there's a possibility of me reaching my goal in the future.

Sharon Chislom

This segment was very helpful to me and really opened my eyes to what Coaching is all about. I love it.

Ulysses Davis

Very Good Course and valuable information

Markizh Johnson

This was a great introduction to the foundation and role of a life coach. I loved learning about the "value" I can add to my client's lives by using the NLP techniques.

Mary Holmes

Samuel Garner

I feel empowered and equipped. You gave me greater insight than I have ever had in areas of psychology studied in undergrad. The material is eye opening! I am so glad I did this!!

Patty Jaszczak

Everything has a purpose in our life. I believe the most important is give all the experience, to somebody else. I believe in the Life Coach and I believe that this is one thing that I want to do Help some others... Get money is important bu...

Druscilla Baldwin

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Miranda Allen

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